Worship with us!

Even in these unprecedented times, we still can worship together in ways that are loving and wise.  Remember, each Sunday we stream our morning service on Facebook and YouTube.  We also post the video of the livestream on our website each Sunday afternoon.  For those who are most at risk of serious complications from COVID-19, these remain the best options.  For others, however, our in-person, outdoor worship service on Sundays at 5:00 PM might be right for you.  Please see below for details.

Register for in-person, outdoor Worship!

Click on the image below to register for in-person, outdoor worship!

Please note that those attending MUST register due to space limitations and health regulations.  Also, please register for each member of your household who is coming.  Thus, if you are single, then you will only register yourself.  But if you are are a family of four, the register for each member of your household.  When you click the link below, enter the number of people from your household who are attending, which will automatically bring up the registration forms you need.   Please enter all the information for each member of your household.  If a family member doesn't have an email or mobile number, please enter one from another member of the household.  Click the green button on the bottom of the page, verify the information on the next page, and click the green button on the bottom of that page.  Once you've done all of that, then you and your household are registered!

We look forward to worshiping with you!

(You can also CLICK HERE for the registration form.)