“Sing to the Lord a new song” 

This sentence is sprinkled all throughout the book of Psalms. It seems appropriate to start 2018 off by thinking about what it means for us to sing a new song to the Lord. Here’s a preview – The Lord always gives us fresh and novel ways to sing songs to him joyfully, gratefully, worshipfully, mindfully, hopefully, and courageously. Doesn’t that sound amazing!? During this series, let’s see the ways in which God will inspire us to sing new songs with our lives, showing the love of Jesus through our words and actions to those where we work, live, and play. At the end of this series, we’ll have a time of story-sharing in which we’ll share with one another our testimonies of how God has taught us to sing new songs with our lives. If you have a story like this you’d like to share, please email me at mbarnes@discoverthejoy.com and we’ll discuss the best way to do so. Thanks!