We know that it can sometimes be intimidating to visit a new church. We hope that this page will make you feel more comfortable preparing for your visit, by explaining what to expect when you visit F.B.C. Alhambra.


Sunday Service 10:30 AM

101 S Atlantic Blvd.

Alhambra, CA 91801


We welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures. There is no dress-code or expectation, come as you are.  We are a very casual church, and you will probably see more people in jeans and shorts than in suits. But if you would like to dress up that is fine too. Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.


Enter the church parking lot on Atlantic Blvd. or Olive Street. Once you enter the church campus you can find friendly greeters to direct you to the Sanctuary, the Welcome Center, Youth Building, the Nursery, or Family Life Building where most of our Sunday School classrooms are located and church bathroom facilities. 


Our Welcome Center is located in our lobby, and a place for you to find more information about what is happening at F.B.C. Alhambra. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our Hosts for directions or information. We also have a welcome gift for you and an information packet that should answer most of the questions you might have about F.B.C. Alhambra.


Our Sunday Service begins with a contemporary style of musical worship, followed by practical biblical-based teaching that will transform, encourage and inspire. We encourage you to participate in all aspects of the service according to your comfort level. Worshiping God is a very personal experience, even in a group setting.


We believe people of all ages need an exciting church home. Therefore, F.B.C. Alhambra has special worship service for children and youth. We have two directors whose sole purpose is to minister to children and youth. Raquel Lopez and Pastor William Ruth would love to meet your children this Sunday to assist you in helping your children become all that God has created them to be.


All of our Children's Ministries are staffed by a fantastic team of adult volunteers that will provide a safe and secure environment for your children while you attend Sunday School and\or Worship Service.  If you feel more comfortable supervising your children while they are in church with you, that’s fine too.

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Daycare Building ( located at the south-west part of the church campus.) 


Sunday Morning

Children's Sunday Morning Bible Study

9:00am - 10:15am

2nd Floor Youth Building

For children (Grades 1-5)

Children's Church


2nd Floor Youth Building

For children (Grades 1-5)

Wednesday Night

The children meet in the basement of the Youth Building at 6:30 p.m. for Family Worship Service.

Then they separate and go to the Children's Floor for large group Bible study,

small group discipleship, and games.


We think it is important that children learn the transition between having their own programs, and being in the sanctuary. For this reason and more, we are honored to have our youth (ages 12-18) join the adults for our time of worship before moving into their own programs.


  • Please dispose of all gum, candy and food before entering the sanctuary.
  • Please turn cell phones off during the worship service.
  • Refrain from excessive conversation while in worship.
  • Small children should always be accompanied by an adult when leaving the sanctuary.

What is good church etiquette? (During Worship)

  • When I avoid walking, talking or distracting anyone while scripture is being read.
  • When I avoid walking, talking or distracting anyone while prayer is going on.
  • When I avoid walking, talking or distracting anyone during the Invitation to Christian Discipleship. Unless I am walking to respond to the Invitation.
  • When I bring my Bible with me to Church and read it diligently every day.
  • When I avoid creating confusion or any destructive situation, so that all of us can stay focused on worshiping God.
  • When I do not casually eat and drink in the sanctuary without good reason.
  • When I come to church on-time and prepared for worship and then stay until the Benediction is pronounced at the end.